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About Us


Yo! If you are looking for fitness motivation or just wish to be tickled or amused, I'd say you’ve come to the right place! We at TeeHack offer you humorous and motivational sports and fitness inspired pop-culture tees. Chances are, when you wear one of our expressive tees at the gym, while running, cycling or doing whatever you do to stay in the awesome shape (rectangle, square, circle or lean - we do not judge or grudge you your beautiful shape) you may notice people around you -smiling. Don't let that freak you out! Our tees are designed to spread cheer, encourage people to laugh at themselves and others - (read as appreciate humor and not literally laugh at others!) And just by wearing them, you are doing your bit of reminding everyone - yes! Fitness can be fun!


So who are we? We are a bunch of happy-go-lucky people who passionately love, enjoy and respect the world of fitness and sports. Yes, it’s that simple. We don't have any mission or even a vision statement, no business plans, no funding, no nothing much. Except - we love what we do and do it really well. Want to stay in touch? Join our newsletter to receive exclusive promotions that we only send to our email TeeHack friends